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Why every rider can benefit from a revalve

I have often heard riders mention in conversations at the track and other places in the motocross community that they "don't have the ability to push their bike to it's limits" or "are happy with their stock suspension" and other comments of this nature. The fact is that when your bike comes from the factory it is generally set up for a 160lb average rider with a generic setting. The stock settings are also installed with shim durability in mind. There are a lot of customers that will never have their valving apart in their fork or shock for the life of the motorcycle. For this reason, factory settings usually let oil flow less restricted to be easier on the shims. Don't get me wrong, most OEM components nowadays are very good. They just need to be fine tuned to your weight, height (in some cases) and style of riding for you to get the most out of your bike. If you are a serious racer this especially applies to you. If you are willing to spend $10,000 on a motorcycle spend that extra $500-800 to get it set up for you. This also applies to you riders that bought used bikes, you have no idea who that bike is set up for!

We all have had bikes that we feel like heroes on in practice, when the track is smooth and has moisture in it. We line up on the gate feeling good the first moto but lets all remember that there are two motos in motocross. In the second moto the track is dry, the track is rough and it is a test of how good your suspension is! If you don't want to dread that second moto, get ahold of us and we will help you get the most out of your machine!

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