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Suspension Service Intervals

It is good practice to make sure and keep your suspension serviced regularly. Most of the suspension comes in our shop with leaky seals and most of that is forks only meaning that the rear shock gets overlooked. Shocks have where items such as the bushing in the seal head which can wear out in 10-15 hours with faster riders or heavier riders. Don't forget about shock bladders which can rupture or what I feel like is one of the more important wear parts in the shock, the shock piston band and o rings. The piston band acts just like piston rings in an engine. When it wears it gets undersized resulting in loss of dampening. Forks have some of these items as well such as piston bands, various o rings internal seals and bushings that we give a good look when we service your suspension. We do not just replace seals and oil & call it a day unless that is all that is needed. I get asked a lot about service intervals on suspension and for the average novice or weekend warrior I would recommend at least once per year or 30 hours. For the faster A and B riders I say 20 and no more than 25 hours to keep oil fresh and maintain consistency with your suspension. Give a call, we are here to help!

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