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Suspension service is often overlooked.  Most riders do not service their fork or shock until the seals start to leak.  Suspension fluids and oils are just as important as your engine oil.  Once suspension fluid starts to break down it loses it's shear and viscosity which from a rider's point of view makes the fork especially feel like it wants to "blow through the stroke."  Furthermore there are a lot of wear parts that need to be cleaned, inspected and replaced if needed.  Lastly the performance of the compression and rebound shims that control valving deteriorate as well.  In extreme cases some of the shims start to resemble the shape of a potato chip and become less effective to say the least.  Because of these factors we recommend servicing your suspension every 30 hours of riding.  For the faster riders we recommend every 20-25 hours.  This helps to keep your suspension fresh and working consistently. It will also help you have a safer ride.  



In a fork service, our goal is to retain that "fluid" feel that your forks had when you bike was brand new.  We will tear down your forks, clean all peices and inspect.  We measure critical items such as midvalve piston bands.  Any parts that are out of spec will be replaced.  Forks will then be properly assembled with all fasteners torqued to spec.  On a case by case basis cartridge seals will be replaced for a slightly higher labor charge.


Fork Rebuild                 $150

Fork Rebuild (mini bike) $125


As with the fork service we want that shock to have a fresh feel as well.  When we get a shock in here at Mx Trend it is torn apart and cleaned.  All seals get replaced as well as the bushing if needed.  In most cases the shock bumper gets replaced as well.  One of the main items that gets measured and replaced if out of spec is the shock piston band and o rings.  Think of this part as a piston ring in an engine.  If it gets worn you loose compression and get blow by.  This is the same effect that will happen in a shock except instead of blow by you get a loss of oil control in the shock which causes a loose feel and in extreme cases loss of dampening.  Once these parts are replaced the shock is properly assembled.  Proper assembly of a shock is critical.  Once the shock is bled and charged with nitrogen the main spring is installed and set to proper preload to make it easy for you to set race sag once its back on the bike.  


Shock Rebuild                 $125

Shock Rebuild (mini bike) $100


We can perform these services whether you bring your bike in complete or bring your suspension in off of the bike.  We do prefer suspension to come in off of the bike.  We can accommodate you if you need to bring your complete bike in (after it is clean), however space is limited and it does take additional time to remove and replace your fork and shock so an additional labor charge will apply.  If we do r&r your suspension from your bike we will clean and grease all hardware, properly reassemble your motorcycle and torque all fasteners to your manufacturer's specifications.




R&R Suspension                 $60 

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